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Usce SC welcomes Keops pancakes

  • You can find our famous sweet and salty pancakes on the second floor of the shopping centre
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  • More than 40 kinds of pancakes.
  • Various, tasty combinations made with high quality ingredients.
  • Comfortable ambience
  • Free delivery for orders costing more than 1000 dinars

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Keops ušće:

Following Keops raft and Apres Ski restaurant on Kopaonik, we have decided to open a Keops restaurant suitable for those who don’t have the time to sit and enjoy our pleasant ambiance, but still want to enjoy our famous pancakes. That’ why we opened Keops pancakes in one of Belgrade’s most famous places – Usce shopping centre. You can sit and enjoy our savoury and sweet pancakes in the food court (on the second floor) or you can take the pancakes to go. You will easily find our wood coloured counter with green elements, and the sweet smell of pancakes will be there to guide you, too.

Keops pancake house

At the beginning of the new millennium, we came up with the idea to open the first pancake house in Zemun, in order to become a recognizable brand in the world of catering. Little by little, raft Keops has gained extreme popularity and reputation, and we have nevertheless stayed true to our simplicity, quality and unique business concept. We approached you with our hard work, exceptional service and a pleasant atmosphere. You appreciated it, and stayed with us. Our trademarks are savory and sweet pancakes that we offer in a variety of combinations of exceptional flavors that will not leave you indifferent. One of the important features of Keops is that in our house alcoholic beverages are not served.


Keops Apres Ski opened on 5.12.2013, as a part of Konaci hotel on Kopaonik. To complement the warm, winter atmosphere of our house, alcoholic beverages are served here along with the delicious season food. Of course, our famous pancakes are an essential part of the menu.


IIf you are unable to enjoy our pleasant surroundings, we have a solution for you. Call our delivery and all your favorite pancakes will come to you! Delivery is free of charge if the order costs more than 1000 dinars. Call 060 608 9000! Keops raft delivery time is from10.00 - 23.00, Keops bakery delivery time is from 10.00 to 22.00.

  • Spaghetti pancakes

    Lunch or dinner? Spaghetti pancakes are an ideal choice! Refresh yourself with a plate of this delight.

  • Classic but fantastic! Perfect taste and many of our customers just love it. Try it!

  • Lovely, crispy pancake number 15. Who can resist this delicious temptation? Ham, cheese and sesame salad.

  • Ham, bacon, tomato sauce, parmesan. We guarantee that you will love this combination. You won’t regret this choice!

  • Tuna, mayonnaise, ketchup - Mediterranean flavours tucked into a pancake. The unmistakable choice – 10!

  • Bolognese

    Spaghetti Bolognese pancakes – These spaghetti pancakes will give you the much needed refreshment. Try them out!

  • If you are having a gloomy day, bring in the colors with Diplomat pancake! Various fruits, whipped cream, ice cream, nuts, raisins. Irresistible!

  • Sweeten up your afternoon with pancake number 38. Raspberry dressing, schlafrok dressing, nougat, cream.

  • Nougat, plazma buiscuit, apple puree, cinnamon and whipped cream. Marvellous combination you just have to taste!

  • Cherry, nougat, plazma biscuit, whipped cream. Trying out this one is a must!

  • Juicy and slightly crunchy pineapple, nougat, ice cream, and whipped cream that melts under the tongue. Ideal choice!

  • Eurokrem, plazma buiscuit, whipped cream. An ever-loved combination you have to try in our pancake house!

  • Bavarian breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eggs, juicy sausage, bacon and Bavarian roll - a great combination that will give you strength.

  • Tortilla with chicken curry

    Juicy tortilla with chicken curry. To many people the most beautiful blend of flavours that they have tried. Ingredients include chicken, mushrooms, ham, tomato, lettuce, sour cream and cheese.

  • Bavarian breakfast II

    The ideal breakfast for you. Bavarian bread, pate, tomatoes, feta, frankfurters, mustard - refreshment that you need!

  • Greek breakfast

    Delicious omelette, fresh vegetables and of course, olives. You must try it!

  • Keops breakfast

    Sunny side up eggs for breakfast will lighten up your day and prepare you for new ventures!

  • Omelette with mushrooms

    If one egg provides strength, then this omelette with mushrooms and cottage cheese is the right thing to prepare you for a new day!

  • Tomato soup

    Always made out of fresh tomatoes, this soup will not only make you warm when it's cold, but will be there to give you strength whenever you need it.

  • Minestrone soup

    Garden-fresh seasonal vegetables found their way to your serving of Minestrone soup. This soup of Italian origin will give you strength, and brighten your day with its taste.

  • Keops soup

    From the finest ingredients and lovingly prepared for you! Keops soup is a nice, warm and light portion of pleasure.

  • Caesar salad

    Vegetables and chicken are always a great combination for a light lunch or dinner. But that's not all. The meal is very tasty and will satisfy the most demanding ones. Enjoy.

  • Tuna salad

    Salad, tuna, tomatoes, corn, olives and dressing – a great combination even for those who do not eat red meat.

  • Greek salad

    Not very hungry? On a diet? We have the solution - a light Greek salad is a great choice.


Special Offers

Breaded pancake with pecenica (ham) and cottage cheese, covered in tartar sauce – our number 14 will blow you away!

Try something refreshing – sweet nougat, plazma biscuit, icecream and the sweet-sour cherrry topping. It will do you good!

Keops bakery

Keops bakery has been working since 2004. It is located in Glavna Street in Zemun. To the delight of our customers, the bakery is open every day from 06 - 22h. Aside from our winde range of pastries, we have recently included Bavarian pastry, as well as various types of pizzas and sandwiches. Bakery Keops also offers a wide variety of lean products.

n addition to pastries and dairy products, you can choose an espresso coffee, Nescafe or a flavoured soft drink. Another novelty is that we bake per request.


    Otvoren Keops u Ušće shopping centru

    Od petka, 28. marta 2014. godine, otvorena je Keops palačinkarnica u Ušće shopping centru. Jedno od najomiljenijih mesta u Beogradu za okupljanje, kupovinu, razonodu i druženje od sada nudi kupcima, pored fast food restorana, i naš raznoliki i upečatljivi meni. Na drugom spratu tržnog centra, na čuvenom food court-u, pronaći ćete trenutak za predah od kupovine uz dobro poznate slatke i slane palačinke iz našeg asortimana.

    Pancake house Keops

    In our pancake house we offer over 20 types of sweet pancakes. For every season we have the perfect combination of flavors. In winter, we recommend a harmonious blend of seasonal flavors in the pancake No. 33 - nougat, plazma, pureed apples and cinnamon.

    Keops Apres Ski

    Keops Apres Ski in Kopaonik offers a wide selection of fine local cuisine specialties that are ideal for refreshment in the winter months and that will complement your enjoyment on this mountain. Visit us!

    Keops palačinkarnica

    January 23, 2014

    If something prevents you to come to our pancake house or Keops bakery, here is our delivery number. Each of our delicacies is one call away from you. Do not hesitate! 060 608 9000

Portable beer taps

You can see our portable taps on all greater manifestations in Serbia on Crvena zvezda or Partizan stadium, in Kombank arena, Spens hall, Exit festival, Guča festival as well as in concerts on Ušće.